Can I sell my products on the NoonaCo store?

We are always interested in adding new clients to the store. Contact us and let’s make it happen!

What sort of shipping fulfillment services does NoonaCo offer?

We store, organize and prepare your inventory for shipping.
We make sure all items are packed carefully and accurately.
We can provide any available shipping method, USPS, Fed Ex, UPS – whatever method you choose.
We provide a customized packing list to insert with your orders.
We use automated shipping software that creates bar-coded shipping labels for your products and can send tracking numbers to you and or/ your customers when available.
We will handle returns and customer service issues according to your specifications.
We can provide unique customized packaging or gift wrapping. Prices begin at $1 per item. Contact us for a quote.

What type of storage is provided?

Your product is picked up or received directly from your supplier, inspected, counted, and placed in labeled bins ready for order packing.
We charge a low monthly storage fee for your items based on quantity.
We store your products in a clean and safe environment located in San Francisco.

How often do orders ship?

We will ship your orders based on how many are placed on a weekly basis. For 1-25 orders we will ship one day per week, 25-50 two days per week and for 50 and up we will ship three days per week.

How do you process my orders?

We can receive your orders via email as a .csv file or link directly to your Paypal or Shopify website. A packing slip is printed and the order is retrieved from inventory and the order is packed. Shipping labels are printed and the package is ready for shipment. An email is sent to your customer confirming the shipping date and provides a tracking number if available.

When will I be billed for your services?

Storage and fulfillment fees will be billed monthly on the first. You may pay via Paypal (preferred) or check, payable within five business days. Postage fees will be charged on a weekly basis. You may pay via Paypal or check payable within five business days. Delinquent payments will result in a stoppage of future shipments.

What are the fees for shipping?

Shipping fees are based on a weekly volume – the more items you sell, the less it costs for ship services.

1-50 items weekly – $2 each

50-100 items weekly – $1.75 each

101-300 items weekly – $1.50 each

The majority of items we ship will fall into the above fee chart. However, occasionally there may be need for additional packing techniques and handling. We offer gift wrapping and creative customized packaging. Contact us for an individual quote for your particular items.

What about international orders?

$3.00 per item, regardless of quantity for standard items

Yes! We do ship internationally. We will process international orders and customs forms. Please note that the most inexpensive international shipping methods (USPS flat rate) do not provide package tracking and place your items at risk of getting “lost”, stuck in customs or not delivered at all. If you have a lot of international customers, we can discuss what service to use.

What are your storage fees?

We charge $5.00 monthly per bin.

Storage fees are based upon space required. NoonaCo will provide standard large plastic bins that keep your items clean and dry. The storage fee will be determined by the type and quantity of items you have. For example, you can store 30-50 T shirts per bin depending on size and style.

What about postage fees?

We can work with your postal service provider such as Paypal, UPS, Fed Ex or Endicia, or we can pay for postage and charge you back after each weekly mailing. Postage fees will be based on actual fees with no extra charges.

I still have more questions…

Great! Contact us and we will get back to you right away.